The York County Voices That Need to Be Silenced

Aaron J. Anderson
6 min readSep 27, 2023
Source: Ernie A. Stephens

Surely there is some person in York County whose voice is a nuisance to you. I don’t mean the timbre or pitch of their voice, but rather their perspective or opinion on life in York County.

It is a well-established opinion that one should not read the comment section on Facebook for this reason. There is a somewhat reliable reputation that the comments on local posts quickly veer into nasty, unproductive territory. Dare engage with an internet troll and you could be stuck in a tit-for-tat argument that will likely ruin your day.

There are conceivably York County voices in those comment section posts that most of us would like to silence.

Whose voice in York County do you think needs to be silenced?

I posted my last piece, To Love York County When It Doesn’t Love You Back, in various locations on LinkedIn and Facebook, including the locally popular group called Fixing York PA. That particular post elicited almost 100 comments and a number of side discussions. You should head there and read the comments for yourself. Why York County can’t convince Wegman’s to build a location here comes up often in these discussions:)

Overall, I found the dialogue encouraging. There were a handful of posts that suggested that “if you don’t like York County, you should go back to where the #%*& you came from.”

This is a prime example of the perspective of one who wants to silence York County voices. They are not interested in dialogue or entertaining legitimate criticisms of our community. They simply want the noise to go away.

There are others in the comment sections who want these raging conversation-killers to also shut up and go away.

Still, others cannot fathom the prospect that York County might improve and wish the bright-eyed dreamers would quit their visions of a glorious York County. On the flip side, the dreamers wish the naysayers would give it a rest and embrace a little hope for something better.

One of my favorite comments was from Jamie Oberdick who wrote that York County is a “ weird mix of rage-filled bizarre civic pride (“if you don’t like York you can go the hell back where you came from”) and



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