Is There More To This Discontented Life?

Aaron J. Anderson
6 min readMar 13, 2021

Deflated and disappointed, Cindy was brave enough to confess, “Is this all there is for me in life?” The uninformed observer would have been surprised to hear her ask that question.

On the outside, Cindy had it all: attractive looks, beautiful home, successful husband, and cute kids. But on the inside, Cindy was experiencing an existential crisis that left her with a crushing sadness.

Cindy was a sincere follower of Jesus. How perplexing it is for a Christian to arrive at the place where we disappointedly say to Jesus, “Where is the abundant life you promised?”

This is one of those moments in pastoral work that shaped the way I “preached” to God’s people. Young ministers, who have not tasted the real hardships of life, have a tendency to get on soapboxes to point out the shortcomings of the congregation.

Cindy gave me a vision that has changed the way I write sermons. As I study, pray, and write, I think to myself: “How is this message bringing the light, life, and love of Jesus to the dark sadness someone like Cindy is feeling?”

I have learned to picture Jesus sitting face to face with Cindy, as she asks those piercing questions about her discontented life.

I picture Jesus with tender, attentive eyes, listening closely to the lament of her heart…



Aaron J. Anderson

CEO of Logos Academy & LogosWorks in York, PA, Dad of 6, Lead Pastor of Living Word Community Church, Red Lion, PA.